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We are the original Wrangler Boat Co.  One look at our boats and you will know that quality appearance, fit ,and finish are our number one priorities.  

All Wrangler boats are made with 100 % wood free construction incorporating an all fiberglass stringer system and have polypropylene honey comb panels in our floors, transoms, and deck areas. These honey comb panels are rot proof, lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant then plywood. The honey comb panels also reduce noise, add positive flotation, and have an increased insulation factor. We also make extensive use of biaxial and woven roving fiberglass fabrics through out every model.

For all of these reasons and many more, all Wrangler Boats are high quality boats that will perform at an outstanding level for many years to come, all while keeping you extremely safe.

All Wrangler Boats are backed by a five year structural warranty.




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